Our Prices

Fishing Prices

Included: bait pack (boilies extra), fishing guide assistance, 2 x fishing rods, Shimano reel’s, alarms, pods, licenses, shaded seating, terminal tackle

Hours: between 8:00AM to 8:00PM (latest start time 2:00PM)

Accommodation Prices

Included: airport / ferry pickup for stays7 nights upward, maid service, WiFi,satellite TV, use of swimming pool and pool table

Meals are not included for fishing and accommodation prices

Fishing Day Tickets

12 Hours
People Fishing 1
6 Hours
People Fishing 1
4 Hours
People Fishing 1

Specialist Arapaima Giga Fishing Day Ticket

We have been asked and demand has dictated this special option.

5 Hours
People Fishing 1

Perfect Holiday Specials 2019

9 Days Fishing
14 Nights Accommodation
Lakeside Bungalow
7 Days Fishing
10 Nights Accommodation
Lakeside Bungalow

3 Nights Special

2 Full Days Fishing
3 Nights Accommodation
Suite Bungalow
Suite Balcony Bungalow

Accommodation Only (per night)

Minimum 3 nights stay

Lakeside Bungalow Queen Bed
Lakeside Suite Bungalow King Bed
Lakeside Suite Bungalow King Bed With Balcony

7 Nights Special

7 Nights Stay with 6 Days Fishing
Lakeside Bungalow Queen Bed
Lakeside Suite Bungalow King Bed
Lakeside Suite Bungalow King Bed With Balcony

Payment Terms & Conditions

Deposits: Can be paid with a bank transfer to UK, USA, or Thailand Bank Accounts. Details on request.

The deposit of 30% of the total amount for the stay at TopCats or any trip arranged by TopCats is to be paid within 7 days of confirmation, the outstanding payment / full payment must be made the same day or the day after booking for arrivals within 7 days from the same confirmation, otherwise the booking will be automatically cancelled.

Balance: The balance must be paid at least one month prior to your visit.
Prices have been calculated in accordance with the legal provisions and taxes currently in force. Any tax variations will therefore be charged subsequently.

Cancellations & withdrawals: The Deposit fee will be not reimbursed for any reason. The client may cancel the contract, totally or partially, at any time.

Change of holiday date: Clients who wish to re-arrange original dates booked maybe subjected to extra costs depending on seasonal prices or special offers.

Please note: Customers will be charged 5% for VISA or Mastercard. Please contact us for more information about credit card payment procedure.